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A person on a track suffering from hip pain

Hip Pain Relief

Are You Suffering from Hip Pain? Are you sleeping poorly because of pain in your hip joint? From mild to severe, hip pain can impact

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A person with her hands on her face looking at a computer, headache relief

Headache Relief

Headache relief can be life-changing. Whether you suffer from chronic migraine headaches or not, a headache can put you out of commission for days at

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a person holding their neck, rear end accident in background, whiplash injuries

Whiplash Injuries

Have you been a victim of a whiplash injury? You may have seen our recent video about whiplash. If you have not seen the video

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A picture containing person, outstretched arms holding a weight, physical therapy

Physical Therapy

The Importance of Strengthening Your Muscles Physical therapy is a crucial part of our toolkit at Beeson Wellness Center. This rehabilitation focuses on strengthening your muscles, which

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