Picture of Dr. Dan Beeson, ChiropractorDr. Dan Beeson, clinical director and lead chiropractic physician, is our Portland chiroprctor and founded Beeson Wellness Center in 1974 in Southeast Portland, OR. Dr. Beeson is an internal medical physician as well as a doctor of chiropractic.

Dr. Beeson History As A Chiropractor

Dr. Beeson decided his career as a chiropractor after having a migraine and visiting the Linfield College chiropractor who adjusted him. He knew from that moment that he wanted to be a chiropractic physician. During that time he had a promising career as an NBA draft to the Seattle SuperSonics. Lenny Wilkens, head coach of the Sonics, encouraged Dr. Beeson to pursue his passion as a chiropractor although Beeson was both playing and leading as the head bench coach at the time. Dr. Beeson soon left to enroll as a chiropractic physician at University of Western States.

Dr. Beeson graduated from Linfield College and then completed his chiropractic degree at the University of Western States (formerly known as Western States Chiropractic University). He studied chiropractic medicine along with internal medicine and earned a degree in both fields. He then returned to his Portland roots where opened his clinic, Beeson Chiropractic.

Dr. Dan Beeson has been recognized throughout his career as a physician’s physician. He has been acknowledged as the ‘Young Chiropractor of the Year,’ and received ‘Chiropractor of the Year’ twice. Dr. Beeson served as the National Delegate for the American Chiropractic Association multiple times over his career and as an Alternate Delegate for ten years having recently resigned from his position. He has also served as the President of the Chiropractic Association in Oregon six times and has chaired the Chiropractic Legislative Committee for the past 17 consecutive years.

Dr. Beeson has instructed through most of his career. During his first nine years of teaching, he instructed an upper-cervical biomechanical group on adjustment. He has taught as an instructor at the Northern California Chiropractic College. Dr. Beeson also served at the University of Western States as an extended faculty member, where students can finish their classes through a practicum at Beeson Wellness Center. He also continues to improve his skills through ongoing education and seminars including an advanced certificate from the Spine Research Institute. Dr. Beeson continues to work with individuals and with family chiropractic and internal medicine needs. Below is a list of services Dr. Beeson focuses on.

Chiropractic Expertise in: