family chiropractic clinic

Chiropractor Adjusting a Family

Beeson Wellness Center has been serving Portland families in chiropractic care since 1974. Our clinic cares about the health of you and your children. You will find that our doctors and staff will take care of your family as if it were our own. We have treated thousands of patients including children and know how to take care of your family. We look forward to serving you!

Family Chiropractic Care For Children

You and your family have different needs when it comes to chiropractic adjustments. Children have an incredible ability to bounce back after an injury and often recover quickly. However, some injuries cause misalignments that impact development and prevent healing from happening correctly. That is when seeking help to diagnose and treat an accident from a doctor can help. Our team will help make your children feel as welcome as you do. We have in office things that children often find fascinating.

As your children mature, they are often involved in sports and outdoor activity that can cause injuries. Sports injuries such as rolled ankles, dislocations, bone fractures, and headaches, are all issues that need the attention of a family chiropractor. When appropriately treated, injuries addressed by a chiropractor will help prevent problems from becoming permanent as they enter into adulthood.

Family Chiropractic For You

You can be assured that you will get excellent chiropractic care from Beeson Wellness. We have treated Portland families in all stages for generations! We have safely treated pregnant mothers needing an adjustment. We help adults with chiropractic issues as a result of playing with the kids, entertaining grandchildren, and being everyday heroes to your family. We keep weekend warriors going in need of an adjustment from their DIY home projects. We’ve treated Portland families for decades and look forward to continuing to provide the best in family chiropractic care. We look forward to serving you!

Family Auto Accident & Chiropractic Care

Auto accidents don’t always happen on the way to work. Sometimes they happen on the way to school, a sporting event, or a family fun day. That is when your precious cargo, your family, may suffer right alongside you. Our experience in family and auto accident chiropractic care can help you recover from such a traumatic experience. Other times it just might be your teenager making a mistake resulting in a fender bender. Whatever the cause of the accident, let us get your family feeling normal again.