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Is Back Pain Normal as You Age?
New aches and pains often come with growing older. But is back pain an inevitable part of aging? Find out what the common causes of back pain are and learn more about the treatment options to help you live a life with less pain.
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How Your Weight Affects Your Sciatica
About 40% of people have to deal with sciatic nerve pain at some point during their life. If you’re overweight, that pain is more intense. Here’s a look at what causes sciatica, how your weight affects your pain, and what you can do to get better.
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The Link Between Diabetes and Neuropathy
Nearly 50% of people suffering from diabetes also develop neuropathy, which includes pain and numbness in your legs and feet, as well as other issues. Learn how to stand up to this painful condition.
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What Causes Chronic Knee Pain?
As normal as you think it might be, you shouldn’t shrug off pain that makes you struggle to get out of bed, hobble down the stairs, or groan as you climb into the car. Learn about the causes of chronic knee pain and how we can treat it.
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Why You Shouldn't Wait to See a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident
Are you debating about seeing a chiropractor? If you’re in an auto accident, waiting to see a chiropractor can just make the pain and problems worse. Come in as soon as possible to start the healing process.
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The Best Types of Exercise to Combat Sciatica
Sidelined by sciatica? Once you have a pinched nerve that radiates pain from your lower back to your legs, you’ll try anything to regain your former mobility. Here are some exercises that can help ease your sciatica.
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