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The accomplished health specialists at Beeson Wellness Center in Portland, Oregon, are dedicated to providing the community with exceptional chiropractic care, rehabilitation services, and natural medicine. The team’s mission is to identify, treat, manage, and resolve health concerns using a multidisciplinary, total wellness approach. The entire team of health professionals partner with patients to implement customized plans to relieve pain, restore function, and enhance overall wellness
The friendly team makes patient education a priority, and questions and concerns are always taken seriously. To learn more about total wellness treatments or to speak with a caring provider, book an appointment with Beeson Wellness Center today.
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The Leading Medical Wellness Center for you.

Therapeutic treatments at Beeson Wellness Center focus on natural pain relief and resolving the underlying health issues that cause pain and other debilitating symptoms. The clinic is equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging technology, including digital X-rays, surface electromyography, and ultrasound.
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Our goal is to help you achieve wellness both in body and mind. We do this through our integrated approach to healthcare.
Since 1974, Beeson Wellness has been providing optimal health and results for our patients. We started out as chiropractic medical center and have grown to become an integrated health center incorporating not only family chiropractic care but also internal medicine, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and large array of non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. Beeson Wellness also provides non-surgical treatment options for those suffering from pain related to osteoarthritis, joint injuries, overuse conditions, and common sports injuries. We always strive to find new ways to promote health and provide the best healthcare possible. That is why you can trust us with your needs and your family. It’s not just freedom from illness, it’s your long-term wellbeing.
Our values include an integrated approach to healthcare that focuses on preventing illness, optimal whole-body health and prolonging life, as opposed to treating symptoms and diseases.
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Darla Beeson

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Financial Director
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