Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is the practice of performing medical procedures to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Many aesthetic procedures are quick, minimally invasive, safe, effective, and require little downtime. 

Most people know of or have experienced a facial or peels, microdermabrasion, waxing, threading, and body wraps. Aesthetic Medicine takes it to the next level. Treatments here at Beeson Wellness tend to be more aggressive and include some form of technology or other forms of medical advances, but does not include cutting the skin as cosmetic surgery does. 

Our treatments focus less on how a treatment feels and more on how it works by getting to the root of the problem. Treatments are not necessarily relaxing, but the results are dramatic; with many medical aesthetics treatments, the results are instantaneous, while others take a few weeks or months for the full, beautiful effect. 

 There are dozens of aesthetic procedures available here at Beeson Wellness Center that will help you achieve smooth, healthy skin that glows from within. Here are just some of the more popular ones:  

  • Facial injectables (Botox/neurotoxins) 
  • Hyaluronic Acid filler  
  • Dermal fillers 
  • SkinPen with enriched plasma  
  • Facial rejuvenation with enriched plasma injections 
  • Hair restoration with enriched plasma 


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