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Take a Natural Approach to Treating Knee Pain

If you begin to experience sharp knee pain, chances are you can use a home remedy to relieve some of the pain. However, if the pain lasts longer than a week, or you experience persistent pain without an injury, that can be the result of chronic knee pain. If you experience chronic pain, it’s time to get an evaluation. 

The team of specialists at Beeson Wellness Center, located in Portland, Oregon, are here to help. The practice is led by caring physicians who provide natural treatments to improve your overall health and relieve your pain without medication or surgery. 

What you can do at home

If you experience mild knee pain or pain after a minor injury or surgery, you can usually treat the pain at home. You should use the commonly recommended RICE method: rest, ice, compression, elevation. You can also take an over-the-counter pain reliever. If the pain persists or intensifies, your physician needs to examine the pain for a more effective treatment. 

During chronic knee pain evaluation

You can trust any of the physicians at Beeson Wellness Center to provide a thorough, multidisciplinary approach to treat knee pain. They start with a comprehensive evaluation that includes diagnostic imaging. Diagnostic imaging can be in the form of digital X-rays, surface electromyography, or an ultrasound. The evaluation helps determine the source of your pain, whether it begins from damage to your ligaments, muscle, or bone. 

Once the cause is determined, it’s time to create a custom treatment plan that caters to your needs. The treatment plan usually consists of multiple therapies that work side-by-side to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and restore function to your knee. 

Therapies to treat chronic pain

Beeson Wellness Center believes the best treatment is the one that promotes the natural healing process of your body. All of the therapies they provide are meant to restore the full function of your body, ensuring positive long-term results. The objective of each therapy is different, and not all therapies are right for every patient. Here are just a few you may encounter. 

Trigger Point Injections 

A trigger point injection is applied to trigger points, focal areas of spasm or inflammation in skeletal muscle. The injection may include an anesthetic that neutralizes the pain, or a “dry injection.” A dry injection refers to the use of a needle with no medication being applied to the trigger point to inactivate the pain. 


This therapy uses fine needles in pressure points in various parts of the body. The treatment is meant to reduce inflammation, relax the body, and increase blood flow. The therapy can also cause your body to release endorphins, hormones that reduce the feeling of pain. 

Naturopathic Medicine

Pharmaceutical medicine can relieve pain, but patients often experience a number of side effects as a result. Naturopathic medicine is more successful at treating the pain without harmful side effects. This medicine consists of herbs and natural ointments. 

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the most effective treatments for patients who experience osteoarthritis pain. By relaxing the muscles surrounding the knee, your physician can relieve your pain while releasing stiffness. This promotes a better range of motion. 

Additionally, your physician can guide you through a number of exercises and dietary changes that promote healing and complement these therapies. In some cases, your physician may also counsel you on regenerative therapy such as stem cell therapy, or platelet-rich plasma therapy. Regenerative therapy can help restore damaged tissues or cartilage and is often used to help you avoid surgery. 

If you suffer from chronic knee pain, don’t hesitate to schedule an evaluation with one of our specialists at Beeson Wellness Center. Call our office, or book an appointment online.

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