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Hip Pain Relief

Are You Suffering from Hip Pain?

Are you sleeping poorly because of pain in your hip joint? From mild to severe, hip pain can impact your ability to perform everyday activities, including walking, going up and down stairs, and sitting and standing for prolonged periods. It is understandable that many adults are seeking hip pain relief. According to the National Library of Medicine:

14.3% of adults reported significant hip pain on most days.  

Signs of Hip Pain

Hip pain can come in different forms depending on the type of wear or damage to your hips. Here are some of the first signs you may be experiencing a hip problem:

  1. Hip Pain or Groin Pain

Feeling discomfort or soreness during or after exercise can be an early sign of arthritis in your hip. The pain can be felt between the hip and the knee. Left untreated, it can lead to loss of motion of the hip.

  1. Stiffness

A hip problem can cause difficulty doing everyday activities such as stepping out of bed, bending down to pick up something, or putting on your socks and shoes.

  1. Limping

Limping can signify a hip problem, whether the pain came on suddenly or has been developing over time.

  1. Swelling and Tenderness of the Hip

Swelling and tenderness in the hips are other signs of a hip problem. The swelling can occur internally or on the outer skin and muscle.

Get Hip Pain Relief without Drugs or Surgery

The above symptoms or others like them may vary depending on the pain's specific cause and the extent of the damage.  At Beeson Wellness, we specialize in treatment that hones in on the problem area without using drugs or surgery. Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation and build a specialized treatment plan just for you. We offer regenerative medicine with joint rehabilitation.

Regenerative Medicine for Hip Pain Relief

Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge approach to treating arthritis, sports injuries, chronic pain, and other conditions. Innovative treatments, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy, can promote healing and repair damage to muscles, joint tissue, and bone. You can read more about regenerative medicine at our website.

Joint Rehabilitation for Hip Pain Relief

Also known as physiotherapy or physical therapy, rehabilitation strengthens and stretches muscles and connective tissue to promote healing after an injury. Rehabilitation can also include treatments that increase circulation, stimulate tissue regrowth, and relax muscles. The goal of rehabilitation is to restore function and relieve pain completely.

Final Words

Whether you or someone you love is suffering from hip pain, it is essential to start addressing the problem. One thing is for sure, if symptoms of hip pain are left untreated, they can lead to severe disabilities. So please, give us a call now for your complimentary medical consultation.


Dr. Daniel Beeson

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