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Physical Therapy

The Importance of Strengthening Your Muscles

Physical therapy is a crucial part of our toolkit at Beeson Wellness Center. This rehabilitation focuses on strengthening your muscles, which significantly assists in injury recovery and helps you achieve a pain-free life.

Physical therapy is also commonly known as rehabilitation (rehab for short) or physiotherapy.

The Importance of Strengthening Your Muscles

The importance of strengthening your muscles cannot be overstated. Your muscles work in tandem with your bones, joints, and connective tissue to keep everything aligned and working correctly.

Our patients are treated in a comprehensive and individualized manner based on their muscle imbalances and weaknesses. If we only adjust your spine and other joints, it may not address the whole problem.

When one of your joints is misaligned because of an injury or any other factor, we can adjust it to get it back into the correct position with chiropractic care. We follow that up with physical therapy to retrain your muscles to hold the joints in place and function correctly.

Stronger muscles significantly reduce the likelihood of a re-injury and facilitate a full recovery.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has several other benefits in addition to helping you fully recover from an injury. It can also relieve chronic pain and symptoms caused by illnesses, postural misalignment, and genetic conditions.

More specifically, physical therapy can:

  1. Improve your mobility - If you’re having trouble standing, walking, or moving, physical therapy can help you move better and easier. Stretching and strengthening exercises help restore your ability to move. Regardless of your mobility difficulty, we can diagnose and treat it with the right combination of adjustments and exercise.
  1. Reduce or get rid of pain - Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments help eliminate pain These techniques can also help ensure that the pain does not return. Some common conditions that the team at Beeson Wellness Center can treat include:
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Improve your balance - As part of your program, we will do a full assessment with you of your physical condition. If you are prone to falls or experience dizziness and vertigo, there are specific exercises that we can assist you with to improve and eliminate those symptoms.
  • Help you avoid surgery - Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery by helping your body heal better after an injury. People often need surgery because their body has not been able to heal itself correctly. Our goal is to help your body heal itself, which is exactly what physical therapy does. Even in the case where you end up needing surgery, physical therapy can help both pre- and post-surgery. Strong muscles are more durable and heal faster.

Final Words

Regardless of your current situation, we have the skills and knowledge to help get you into perfect health.

Our mission at Beeson Wellness Center is to identify, treat, manage, and resolve health concerns using a multidisciplinary, total wellness approach. Physical therapy rehabilitation techniques help us achieve that goal.

When we treat you, we are not only looking at what problem you are trying to resolve. We also advise you and provide treatment that will ensure your ongoing health.

We have advanced diagnostic imaging technology, including digital X-rays, surface electromyography, and ultrasound, to help us diagnose issues.

Your treatment is a team activity, which is why we have a significant focus on educating you and providing you with as much information as possible. If you have any questions about whether physical therapy is right for you, contact us, and our team will answer anything.


Dr. Daniel Beeson

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